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Problems with Cables

I was trying to improve connectivity between my devices at home over the weekend.

New desktop and Printer.  My new desktop does not have a parallel port. But my printer is old and does not support USB. So it was very straightforward to think that a USB-to-parallel port cable would solve everything. Yes, this is true, but at what price? It appears that this kind of cable costs around $40 at Best Buy. It’s just enough to think to upgrade a printer. It wasn’t in the list of my planned upgrades as the printer has been working pretty well, but the price of the cable, makes the upgrade an attractive alternative. I think I’m more interested in a scanner than in a printer to make my home office as much paper-free as possible. Features I’m looking for are: auto duplex scanning with a feeder with an option to scan from a glass, OCR, Ethernet connection, affordable, reasonable size for a home office.

TV and Keyboard. Getting to content in the Internet on my Sony XBR9 proved to be very cumbersome. The menu is more or less user-friendly. But entering text using a remote is really painful. So this weekend I bought a USB-to-PS/2 cable hoping that I can use a keyboard with my TV. Nope. XBR9 does not support a keyboard. I’m wondering if Sony could upgrade its firmware to support an external keyboard.

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  1. Alexander Glazkov
    December 26, 2009 at 19:20

    Canon Pixma MX860 is close to what I’m looking for.

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