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Home Office. The Story

I gave some bits of information about my home office, but did not have time to put a long story.

Here is a quick recap. I moved to my new place and my old computer did not survive the move. I bought a new workstation and the monitor with three screens.

The whole setup appeared to be pretty heavy. I was rather naïve to find appropriate furniture in local stores (Staples, Jordan’s Furniture, and so on). The furniture I saw fell into two categories: small or fragile to hold 3 screens, but convenient or it was sturdy and stylish, but inconvenient and took a lot of space. I had to turn to the Internet to find what I was looking for. This is where I got another boost of inspiration – I came across a few web sites of home office enthusiasts: Stefan Didak, Mitch Haile, Dennis Klein to name just a few. A special “Thank you” to Mitch Haile as I followed his example and purchased a few pieces from the Bush Furniture Series C collection (Auburn Maple finish).

Buying furniture on-line is a bit tricky process for a few reasons. One reason is it is hard to make sure all pieces come together with well. In my case a pencil drawer was conflicting with a file with a drawer file. Another reason is how the furniture is delivered. This is not a FedEx envelope. For some reason a person from the delivery company who was handling my delivery made me to believe that they just planed to deliver a portion of the purchase with small pieces. I think somehow this person was also successful in making the delivery guys to believe in this idea as well. Since I live in a high-rise building I need to reserve the freight elevator when I get large pieces delivered. Of course I didn’t do that because I had been under impression that only small pieces get delivered first. So what I got with my furniture which was delivered in full? I got two very angry delivery men that managed to have an argument with a concierge and were about to die. Boxes were very heavy even for two people.

Nonetheless the furniture was assembled about a week ago. I have some work to do in the cable management area. I work at my new workstation and even published one screen shot and plan to upgrade it to Windows 7 as soon as I get a DVD.

As a note aside, my home office is not that impressive as once I listed above, but it is very convinient for me.

 A few good words about the company that assembled my workstation – Digital Tigers. I got what I was looking for and, I think, with the best experience feeling personal attention. I was in contact with Geoff Amthor. I did not know I was talking to the CEO of the company, until I google’d the name (sorry!). The company made a very successful penetration into a very tough desktop market. It is so successful that it got Dell as a customer. Yes, the company that assembles desktops and laptops. Another notable customers are Microsoft C-level executives including Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Balmer, Ray Ozzie and others. The key is knowing what customers need and listening to customers, not pushing customers stuff that unlikely is going to be used, but is profitable to the business. I got things I wanted to install (Open Office), but came pre-installed without even asking me. I think this company deserves to be included (as a good case study) in the books that teach how to do business.

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