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Microsoft Released a Preview Version of Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft released a preview version of Internet Explorer 9. More information can be found in the release notes.

Noteworthy features:

  • Improved JavaScript performance
  • Improved HTML5 support
  • Partial SVG support
  • First browser to use videocard resources to speed up processing


  1. The browser war is quietly getting traction to gain the first place in defining hardware requirements for client devices focusing on processing requirements (e.g. JavaScript), graphics (e.g. videocard resources, SVG) and capabilities (e.g. SVG, HTML5). I think when browser vendors reach the point when they can no longer improve JavaScript and HTML5 processing performance, they may choose to switch to delivering compiled content (HTML5) and code (JavaScript). Really, why bother with text parsing on the client side?
  2. HTML5 is gaining popularity, Flash loosing it. Recently I heard Virgin abandoned Flash on one of their websites. But I think Flash and HTML5 and JavaScript converge at some point (see my previous comment about compiled JavaScript and HTML).
  3. Microsoft finally (but not completely) recognized SVG (not VML) as a standard. I think this is a matter of time for Microsoft to develop full support of SVG.
  4. The fact that IE9 will use videocard resources bothers me as this will drive a new wave of malware exploiting holes in videocard drivers.
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