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OpenESB, R.I.P.

Jan 10, 2011 (Update): Oracle might have incorrectly migrated OpenESB to Project Kenai. Hope to get some updates. Stay tuned.

Jan 11, 2010 (Update): I take a lot of what said below back. OpenESB has migrated to Project Kenai at a new location.

Recently I noticed a spike of hits to my blog in search for OpenESB information. The reason is simple. It looks like Oracle quietly killed OpenESB as part of its Project Kenai reorganization. Even though the move was quiet, it was blatant. Now it is impossible even to download the last version of OpenESB, even get the source code. The project is gone. I would understand Oracle’s reluctance to invest into OpenESB, but I did not expect the existing versions would not be available any longer. I feel very bad for those who used OpenESB in production environments.

But this action raises more concerns. This is a precedent how other open source projects either led by Oracle or led by Oracle can be killed with little or no warning. This action is a warning sign to those who is using Oracle open source products and care about business continuity.

Those who want to do something are welcome to join a LinkedIn group for OpenESB enthusiasts

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