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SeaWorld Orlando. Branding Blunder

This past Christmas I was in Florida “recharging my batteries” anticipating a new year with new challenges. While visiting SeaWorld, I wanted to get a picture in front of a recognizable landmark that would make it clear this is SeaWorld in Orlando, not a local aquarium. Usually, these landmarks are located in front of the park entrance. To my biggest surprise SeaWorld has none. I could not find any noticeable SeaWorld signs (ticket counters do not count!). What a branding blunder!

In addition to this, SeaWorld Orlando has a lot of room for improvements in operations management. Its neighbor DisneyWorld is a good example, how flawless operations management should be. I understand that DisneyWorld has more resources, but it has a lot more to manage. SeaWorld Orlando is a great theme park and it is worth to spend a day or two there with the family, but it can achieve a lot more with relatively little effort to attract more visitors and thrive competing with other parks around.

I have another story to tell from my vacation in Florida. This story is not over yet, but this is good story and a good teachable moment for me. Stay tuned.

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