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Chrome Browser History By Date

April 29, 2014 Leave a comment

If you do not want to install any extensions or plug-ins, there is a way how you can browse your browser history faster. The history frame has the following URL: chrome://history-frame/#page=N, where N is the page number. For example, chrome://history-frame/#page=24. From here you can just try to do a binary search.


Samsung Android Phone Problems and Solution

One of the Android phones in my household (Samsung Galaxy S2) started acting chaotically. It showed signs like:

  • stopped charging;
  • showing it was connected via MTP while it wasn’t;
  • was turning on the car mode in a loop during charging;
  • when I was turning it off, it was turning on automatically;
  • when I was plugging the charger, it didn’t vibrate, etc.

The remedy was rather simple – cleanup the microUSB port using a toothbrush. Make sure your Settings/Voice input and output/Text-to-speech settings/Driving mode is unchecked.

Occupy Wall Street Is a Failed Revolution

November 21, 2011 Leave a comment

News about the Occupy Wall Street protests and their clones are still in the media and we will continue to hear them, but I think not for too long.

The Occupy Wall Street movement likens itself to the Arab Spring, calls that it represents 99% of all population of the United States. But like it or not, this is a big stretch. I believe that the movement will fail to deliver anything for a few reasons that distinguish it from the Arab Spring.

  1. Demographics. For some reason, the media does not talk about this much, but I believe this is the primary reason. If you look at the median age of the population where protests took place, you will see that it mainly varies from 18 to 32 years. That is a half of the population is younger than 18-32 years old. As people get older they are getting wiser and tend to play safe.
  2. Wealth. Obviously, youth does not have much to loose. Especially in poor countries in the Middle East and North Africa. In the United States the median age is above 36 years. Now, take into account the number of baby-boomers in spite of all recessions and financial crises accumulated enough money to be concerned about any calamity that could evaporate all their retirement savings. If you subtract baby-boomers (and children, of course), it is roughly 50% (around 140 million people of age 18 – 50 out of a bit over 300 million people of the entire population). So 99% is an overstatement.
  3. Goals. Protesters in the Arab Spring countries had a clear goal. The Occupy Wall Street movement does not have a clear goal. Anger is justified, but misdirected. Any meaningful discussions about goals would break up the movement.
  4. Climate. The winter is around the corner. Obviously, it is colder than to the South and East of the Mediterranean Sea and it will not get warmer for a few more months.

In essence, this is mostly about getting enough support to gain a critical mass.

The situation can change rapidly if retirement savings do evaporate due to a political or economic gridlock.

Math 101 for Mac OS Developers

August 30, 2010 1 comment

My Mac was getting hot (literaly) and I decided to check the Activity Monitor to find out what is going on. It was in the plain sight. Firefox as using over 100% of CPU time. No, that is not a FireFox problem, I guess just Mac OS developers need to go back to school to learn how to allocate and calculate resources.

Mac is over 100% busy

Mac is over 100% busy

 This reminds me an anecdote, about the sine reaching 2 during military exercises and 2.5 during wartime.

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Male Birth Rate and Wars

December 31, 2009 Leave a comment

From time to time I hear a delusional conclusion that if male birth rate is high, the probability of a war in 20-30 years is higher emphasizing that the nature itself tries to adjust to upcoming changes. While there is some correlation, the conclusion is turned upside down. Taking into account aggressive and competitive nature of male population it becomes clear that this is one of the main causes of wars.

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